Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Hazards of Hospitals

 If you haven't ever thought about how safe your local hospital really is, today might be the day you start that thought process.  When we are ill and need help it's the first place many think of, but it might not be the best place.  At the very least you need to be on top of your game and make sure you are getting the best care you can.

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Still not sure?  Then what about this article

Your Go-To Hospital For Dirty Speculums

And now i have to edit this post to include this video about a 17 year in Florida who impersanated a medical assistant for a WEEK in a hospital.  He did exams, changed IVs and even did CPR!

'Doogie Howser Wannabee' Matthew Scheidt Busted in Florida


I could go on, but i need to get going.  Such a busy life.  I have some other articles i've been wanting to share, so i hope to do that soon! 

So, i know we all have them, do any of you want to share a story about a bad experience from the hospital that put you, your loved ones or so on life in danger?