Friday, December 10, 2010

Myths about Flu vaccine

I know i already did a post today, but i wanted to share this article really quick since it was pretty good.

So what about you, do you believe in the flu vaccine?

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Katie said...

Interesting to read that article.

Here is what I will say:

1) I have had the flu about 3 times since I was a teenager, all years when I DIDN'T get a vaccine. (Including the Swine flu last year, which SUCKED.) On the years I have gotten a vaccine, I have not gotten the flu.

2) I've just finished reading a few other articles, including some on the Cochrane Library that show that the flu vaccine is 87% effective at preventing influenza. Some years it is more effective than others, there are many strains of the flu and in the summer, health officials make a guess regarding which strains will be MOST prolific in the winter and they put those in the vaccines. Not ALL strains of flu can be prevented with a vaccine so YES, some people who get vaccines can still get sick. Also, many people mistake colds and other flu-like symptoms for the flu when in fact they are not, so it is difficult to gauge what the true incidence of the flu is.

3) I respect if you want to disagree with me on the issue of the flu vaccine particular in healthy individuals but it is important to remember that some people are high-risk and should be vaccinated even if the efficacy is only marginal. If you have a condition (say, MS, like my mother) that can be made worse by the flu, I think it is worth it to get the vaccine even if there is only a 10% chance it will help -- because that is 10% less than usual.

4) I really hope you don't feel this way about ALL vaccines, there is a plethora of scientific research that shows they are beneficial and have had great success in eradicating common childhood illnesses that have the potential to permanently damage a child's body and mind. I would love to hear your thoughts on other traditional childhood vaccines. <3