Thursday, February 10, 2011

Would You Rather....

....Have a procedure that has a higher risk of muscle damage, can lead to urinary incontinence, has higher rates of infection, always requires stitching, higher rates of sexual dysfunction, cause more extensive scar tissue, more pain and many other issues...


let nature happen and possibly have no negative effects?

Would you rather have an episiotomy or tear naturally (or possibly not even tear at all)?

I found this VERY informative article about episiotomies and tearing and ways to prevent tearing in the first place.

This is one of the parts i found very interesting (even *i* learned something new!)

"In addition, tears heal faster, with less pain, and less scar tissue. This is because tissue cells look like little bricks. When a woman's perineum does tear, it tears through the 'cement' holding those bricks (cells) together - there is little to no cellular damage."

For those who have given birth, what has your experience been with episiotomy VS. tearing naturally?


Krista said...

I tore naturally with both my babies. With BuggaBoo I could have maybe used a stitch but my midwives said it wasn't necessary and Lidocane doesn't last long with me. I have a small knot of scar tissue to one side of the tear, the edges didn't heal to each other.

With Doozer I had a small tear, like what you get in the corner or your mouth, not bad at all.

Hannah said...

I tore somewhat (quite a few stitches). I didn't feel it happen and it healed fine. I had "avoid epesiotomy" in my birth plan.
Next time I am curious if using a more sensible birth position and pushing on my own instincts rather than the nurse's (I loved her, though, she was great) would reduce the chance of tearing, or the severity.

Jillyn said...

Thanks for sharing ladies!