Monday, July 8, 2013

Being Honest, Screw Blogger Perfection

I have a confession.  

I'm not one of those perfect bloggers you follow elsewhere on the internet.

Sure i strive for perfection but i always fall very short.  It's just how life is.  We all can't be Martha Stewart (who doesn't do it all on her own either, she has a whole team that comes up with her ideas and makes them for her, she just does the final presentation for everyone to see.

But anyways, i believe in being real.  I believe in not putting on a fake face.  I have favorite blogs out there, but after following them for a while, i normally feel down and like a failure.  I never look as great as they do, my child is not as well behaved, my house NEVER looks perfect and i feel like loosing it most of the time.

But blogger world is not real world.  In the real world messes happen.  Kids throw fits.  Moms loose their temper.

We try our best, and some days are completely awesome.  

But we shouldn't feel bad for the real days.

They happen to everyone.
So here is me, being real.

My toddler watches an average 2-3 hours of TV a day.

We eat fast food at least 2-3 times a week for some kind of meal.  Some weeks it's much more than that.

I get frustrated, a lot.  I tend to yell a lot, and yes, i have spanked (i do not like doing it, and i'm trying to change that).  I do give lots of loves and apologize about it and i am trying to do better.

Our dishes do not get done every day.  Sometimes it's a whole week before they are done.  Paper plates rock (we use the compostible kind). 

Sometimes my daughter stays in the same outfit for 3 days.

I love hot dogs.

I don't shower every day.

My house can be spottless one day, and a disaster the next.  

This is how my bathroom normally looks.  Lots of clutter and lots of hair in the sink.

Sure, every now and then the bed gets made and it looks great.  But 90% of the time this is how the bedroom looks. 

This stuff has been in the hall probably close to 4 months now LOL! 

This is the kitchen on a GOOD day. 

Yep, a good day for the kitchen.  Like my 1/2 swept pile in the corner?  Been there a week now LOL

Everyday life in the laundry room.

This is normally how the laundry room looks.

Stuff in the living room waiting for a home on top of the shelf. 

This is actually the living room looking *good*.  I actually picked up the kitchen table last night!

I like my daughter's expression.  Like 'douh mommy!'.  Again, this is pretty dang good for the living room!

My office, the only relatively clean thing right now.  You should have seen it just last week though for the last 2 years...EEEK!

Yeah.  Our house is hardly perfect.  But who really cares?  We have fun, we do things, we have a life.  And our house shows that. 

Lets stop with all the fakeness.  Lets just be real with each other.  I think our self esteem will be A LOT better if we all would :)

So what are your confessions?  Are you ready to be real with the world?

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Krista said...

I have many of the same confessions as you.

It's interesting how clutter can become "invisible" once it's been there long enough. You just don't see it!

That being said, I really hate living in a cluttered house.