Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Craft Room Insperations

Today’s post has no other purpose other than to let off some of my excitement right now.  In our apartment I’ve made the extra bedroom into my craft room.  That’s right, it’s MY craft room, not The Hubby’s office (although he does have a desk in the closet).  About a year ago I put up shelves and arranged it how I wanted and added a couple decorative touches, but I never really finished.  Well, lately, scratch that, these last couple days as I’ve walked in there it’s been driving me nuts not to have it finished how I would like.  Like, if i don't do something about this right this second i'm going to go crazy.  So, I’m working on finishing it now (as much as I can with a fussy 2 month old).

Since my power drill is charging and I’m taking a break I thought I would share some of my inspirations for my craft room.  Who knows, maybe they will inspire you too!

Ok, so the craft room that I saw that started it all was this one

I pretty much love everything there is about that room, especially the colors.  You can’t tell me you aren’t wishing that room was yours right about now!  Some things I’m taking from this room and applying it to mine are:


Aren’t those just great

Other ideas I’ve gathered from other places:

Ok, that’s all I really have right now….but I’m just so excited for this room to be finished!  If I come up with more inspirations I’ll share them with you :)

Do you have any inspirations for your crafting area?

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