Friday, March 25, 2011

Kids say the darnest things

I have a nephew who is 3 and boy, does he say some great things.  I was going over some things he's said (that his dad posted) and i wanted to share them since they are so funny!  My nephew's "name" is "Buggaboo" and he is 3 years old.

buggaboo quote of the week: (After just leaving Ikea) Me: What's wrong Boo? buggaboo: "I'm sad." Me: "Why are you sad?" buggaboo: "I want to LIVE at that store!" Me: "I think everybody does boo; I think everybody does."
buggaboo quote of the week: "hey, there's my friend!" Me: "Do you know that kid?" buggaboo: "All little kids are my friend." Me: "Well that's cool." buggaboo: "You... you're not a kid... you're not my friend." Me: "That's right! I'm not your friend, I'm your Dad."
Buggaboo: "But you're like a little kid. You play hide in go seek, and hide in giggle (Not sure what that one is?), and you play games with me." Me: "Well buggaboo, you can grow old, but you can always be young at heart."

(We enter the scene with BuggaBoo, Doozer, and Mommy watching Daddy play "Heroes of Might and Magic 5", a fantasy game...)
BuggaBoo: (seeing some minotaurs) What are those?
...Daddy: They're half bulls, half people, they're called minotaurs.
BuggaBoo: Are they like cows?
Mommy: Yes, they're like cows.
BuggaBoo: I'm talking to Daddy.
Daddy: Yes, they're like cows.
BuggaBoo. Oh. (to Mommy) They're like cows, Mommy.
Mommy: Oh, really...
~buggaboo quote of the week: "I don't like stores!" Krista: "Well that's good because we're not going to any more stores we're going home." buggaboo: "I don't like houses either!" Krista: "Well what do you like?" buggaboo: "Ummm... TOYS!" Krista:" Well that's also good because you have toys at home." buggaboo: "NOOOOOOOOoooo!"
another one between him and his mother:
Me: Hey, put this diaper in the bathroom trash for me. BuggaBoo: The diaper has pee in it?
Me: It sure does, you peed in it!
BuggaBoo: There was pee in my body?
Me: Yep, but not anymore, because you peed it into the diaper.
BuggaBoo: And there is poop in my body.
Me: Probably.
BuggaBoo: And there are feelings in my body!
Me: Well, yes, but not in the same way as poop or pee...
buggaboo quote of the week: buggaboo: "Why is sister crying?" Krista: "I think she's jealous." buggaboo: "Peanut... peanut butter... and JEALOUS!"
bugga quote of the week: "Ahhhhh! MY EGGS ARE MELTING!" Krista: "That's just the yoke buggaboo; they're fine." buggaboo: "I don't like it."
buggaboo quote of the week: "Eew, this tastes like winter!" Krista: "Did you just say it tastes like winter?" buggaboo: "Yeah, I don't like it."
he was eating Coriander seeds.
buggaboo quote of the week: me: "buggaboo what are you throwing around?" buggaboo: "Horse's nuts!" Me: "Ummm... do you mean horse chestnuts?" buggaboo: "Yeah!" Me: "Ok... just wanted to clarify that."
buggaboo quote of the week: Krista: "Is buggaboo T-I-R-E-D?" buggaboo: "I AM NOT!" Krista: "Do you even know what T-I-R-E-D spells?" buggaboo: "... ... STOP SPELLING!"
buggaboo quote this week- Krista: "Hey buggaboo, you want some cake?" buggaboo: "I DON'T WANT CAKE!" Krista: "It has frosting on it." buggaboo:"I WANT CAKE!"
     The scene opens with the family making a dinner of doughnuts. I have not shame...
Me: Do you want some of this apple fritter, BuggaBoo?
BuggaBoo: No, I'm eating this one (motions to his old-fashioned doughnut)
Me: Oh, do you like that one?
BuggaBoo: Yeah! It tasteses like....mustaches.
 quote of the week: (While taking a walk) "Mommy I need to take a hot shower. I can't breathe good." Krista: "Well being outside will also help your breathing." buggaboo: "Really!? .... What about swallowing bugs?" Krista: "Um.... I don't think swallowing bugs will help your breathing." buggaboo: "Oh... okay."

 quote of the week: "Mommy?" Krista: "Yes Boo?" B: "No it's not me, it's sock puppet!" K:"Oh... yes sock puppet?" B:"NO it's the stripey sock puppet." K:"YES stripey sock puppet?" B:"NO it's the purple and green stripe..." K:"BOO! Sock puppet is good enough!" B: "Ok... .... .... Mommy?" K:"Yes sock puppet?" B:"I'm ready to go now."
quote of the week: "Daddy look at me!" Me: "That's cool Boo." -Not looking. Buggaboo: "No Daddy, Dad, Dad, Dad, look." Me: "I see ahuh." -still not looking. Buggaboo: "Daddy LOOK AT MY FACE!"
quote of the week: Me: "Geez boo you sure are getting heavy; you're a growing boy." Buggaboo: "Yeah, I'm a growing up into a cowBOY!" Me: "Did... did you just say cowboy?" Buggaboo: "YEAH!"
quote of the week: After listening to a song on his pirate CD: "Dad why are there piglets on a pirate ship?" Me not listening correctly: "Well Buggaboo, some pirates just have them." I showed him a picture. B: "No Daddy!" he then goes and gets his picture book to prove me wrong, "Daddy THIS is a piglet." Me laughing: "NOT Pig Lets Buggaboo, PEG LEGS!" B: "Ohhhhh"

What are some fun things your kids have said?


Amber Smith said...

The Peanut butter, and jealous one was great. He's too cute.

My son calls milk duds "milk goods" And he has a cavity right now so he runs around telling everyone. He thinks it's something great.

Katie said...

Que adorable!

Bean said...

So stinking cute! I just love that kid. :)

Jillyn said...

Amber, that is pretty funny, but i'm sure it's a bit embarrassing too ;)