Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Beauty of a Mother

I want to share this picture that i ran across a few weeks ago.  I think it ties into my previous post very well. 

There is so much hate out there about our bodies, especially postpartum mothers.  We hate the stretch marks, to sag, the bulge, the pooch.  We look at what society considers beauty and feel inadequate next to it. 

We need to remember the miraculous, wonderful, AMAZING thing our bodies did!  We were partners with God to make something amazing, something no one else can do.  We are mothers and we are beautiful!  

Yes, our bodies may not ever be the same again, but life will never be the same again.  We must remember this and remember that we are all daughters of God, and we are all beautiful.

And if you are a mother struggling with how you look postpartum i *highly* suggest checking out the website, The Shape of a Mother.  I love that site! 


Gaylynn said...

It always is amazing to me when I hear of women that DON'T get stretch marks! How is a body able to expand that much without having something give? I knew when I got my first BIG stretch mark about 6 months into my first pregnancy that it was what it was. Within a week I had an EXPLOSION of stretch marks, but you know what? After all these years and after six beautiful children those marks are just a part of me - like my nose, my hair - it's just me. And if I could choose between them or being childless - well, that's a no brainer - bring on the stretch marks!

Jillyn said...

Gaylynn, I love how you said that they are just a part of you, like any other part of your body. That is how i feel, and i'm even proud to look down and see that because of those marks, i have two beautiful children. Thank you for sharing your thoughts <3