Monday, October 17, 2011

How to buckle a child into a 5 point harness

It's been a while since i've made a car seat safety post, but that doesn't mean i'm not as passionate about it as i was before, i just got too busy to sit down and make a post.  There has been a topic i've been wanting to talk about for a while when it comes to car seat saftey, but i didn't know how best to go about it.  Now i don't have to since The Car Seat Lady has done if for me!

Ok, so i've been wanting to talk about the correct way to buckle a child into a 5 point harness and to bring attention to the fact that many caregivers do this incorectly because they leave excess strap by the child's legs.  I wanted to explain what i mean when i say this and how to check for it and make sure you have a tight insilation.  Then today when i was on facebook i saw a video The Car Seat Lady posted and it was exactly what i wanted to share!  So that's just what i'll do!  

After watching this video a couple of times there should be no excuss for not buckling up a child correctly in their car seat.  And if you do still happen to have some problems (since all car seats are different), take action in your child's (or grandchild, nice, nephew or friend's) life and ASK FOR HELP.  That is why there are CPSTs, to help you keep your child safer in the car.  You can find a local one at Safe Kids USA or on the national CPS Certification website.  (and if you know me personally i know 2 CPSTs that would love to answer any questions you have!)

How to Buckle a Child into a Car Seat with a 5-Point Harness from The Car Seat Lady on Vimeo.

Please pass this post on to everyone you know!  As i've mentioned in other posts,
98% of people are not using their car seat correctly and at least three child endangering mistakes are made by most parents while installing car seats.  This is a huge issue!  Proper information needs to be passed around so that children can be kept as safe as possible while traveling in a car.  
If there is a child in your life that you care about, *please* do not stay quite,  pass this information on!

Thank You!

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