Friday, January 21, 2011

Everyone Needs a 'New Year Resolution' Post right?

So it's the beginning of a new year and of course we look ahead and think about what we want to accomplish.  It's only natural.  There are so many things i want to do this year so i wanted to put them down on "paper" so i have a better chance of acheiving these goals.

I would like to *finally* follow my card system by the 'side tracked home executives'
I am just not a naturally organized person!  I have the desire and sometimes it actually happens, but it really is something i have to work at.  I envy my friends who just seem to have their lives in order and can so easily get things done and have their life in order!   If i just followed this system i would automaticly do so many of the things i want to do, like keep a clean and organized house, know what is for dinner before 8pm, remember people's birthdays and send cards, have time for my projects and so much more.  I have the system nearly in place, i just have to follow it!  I know my mother followed the same system when she had a young family and it worked for her, so now it's my turn!

Eat better
I've already talked about this in another post, but i figured i should mention it again.

 I would like to get my craft business off the ground.
I have big ideas, i just have to go through with them.  My goal is to have a booth at my home towns yearly celebration.

Be more social
Most would think i do not have a problem with this, but i actually do.  I blame it on my "anti-social" husband LOL.  I reallyu with we hung out more with friends and did more things with other people.  I plan on having more game nights and inviting people over more for dinner and such.

Stop Shaving
Ok, so most of you mgiht think this one is gross but i don't care.  Just because i will not be shaving does not mean i won't be clean.  I'm sick and tired of having to shave to please someone else.  My husband doesn't care if i do or not so why should it?  I will allow myself to trim the underarms as i see necessary but for one whole year i do not want to shave.  

Start Using Family Cloth
On the topic of things i'm sick of, i'm sick of having to buy toilet paper!  So this year i would like to finish our cloth wipes and start using cloth TP in our house.  I plan on making a seperate post talking about this.

Look into becoming a certified car seat technition
With how passionate i am about car seat safety i think it only makes sense that i become certified and do car seat checks and teach classes and such.

Now i could go on but i think these are the main ones right now and it's pretty hard to type with one hand lol. 

What are your goals this new year?


Krista said...

Fabulous! I can tell you from experience you won't regret family cloth or not shaving.

Hmm, I need to get some new resolutions in order. I think most of them will have to do with self-sufficiency. I've been learning how to lacto-ferment foods. Fun times!

.Maddie. said...

Just curious, but why stop shaving? I've never heard of that one before.

Mine is more or less just to maintain a better state of mind. =)

Jillyn said...

@ Krista: i'm excited to hear about your adventures!

@ Maddie: It mostly stems down to i'm tired of doing it. When i shave my underarms i get TERRIBLE ingrown hairs (it hurts so bad). And when i don't shave my legs you can barely tell. My husband doesn't really mind when i do not shave, and i don't care, so why do it? Waste of time in my opinion :)