Friday, January 21, 2011

Rear-Facing Car Seats Aren't Just for Babies Anymore

Some of you may think that i spend too much time on car seat safety.  Some may feel it is none of my business what other's do with their children.  I read a great article today that i want to share and in it it makes a great point.

"Every mother makes mistakes. There's so much trial and error that it's impossible not to. But when presented with good, factual information, I believe most moms are willing to forgo their ego and admit fault to make their children safer. Right? There is always more to learn...Caring about the well-being of children is healthy and good -- don't you speak up if you see a child in danger? I don't want to see even more stories like Joel's, Kyle David Miller's, Alec's, or Ysabel's, where the mother cries about how she wishes she'd known better and blames herself for her child's death."

This is why i keep talking about car seat safety, and i hope you will too.  
Please read this wonderful article.

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