Monday, January 24, 2011

Natural Family Planning

Do you know what your options are when it comes to birth control?  Do you only think that 'the pill' is the only reliable form available?  Did you know that there is a form of birth control that involves NO hormones, NO barriers, NO inserting of anything, NO goop and is *just* as effective if not more so than the leading birth crotrol options on the market?

You have a choice.  And that choice can be Natural Family Planning. 
NFP is NOT the "rhythm method" and it can be very simple and you do not even h ave to take your temperature if that does not fit with your life style.

If you want to learn  more, please see my good friend's posts about it:

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 She is going to have more posts on this subject.

Have you ever heard of NFP and/or have you practiced it?



Hannah said...

Love NFP. Has worked great to postpone pregnancy and get pregnant, and now postponing again for just a bit. I'm not Catholic but I learned it from the Couple to Couple League.

Jillyn said...

@ Hannah: I have not practiced NFP yet, but i think it is the route we are going to go :) I just went to a presentation on one of the methods at my midwife's office and i really think it's the thing for us :)