Monday, January 24, 2011

Naturall Healing

So with sticking with the trying to be natural lifestyle if i can help it, i would rather use something natural to heal my body, as well as my family's.

Well for over two weeks now our daughter has been fighting a cold and for the last week we had seen no improvement (for reference point she is 4.5 months old).  We tried a vaporizer in the room with tea tree oil, we tried tea tree oil rubbed on her chest before bed, we tried breastmilk up her nose, we tried saline solution up her nose, i tried MEGA doses of vitamin C but nothing was helping her improve.  All day she was coughing and well into the night as well.  Some nights she would cough for an hour or more yet she could not get the mucus out of her lungs.  I also have needed to suction her nose multiple times during the day and even night.  She also had lost her voice.

So finally i contacted a midwife friend of mine who makes herbal tinctures.  I bought some Mullin tincture and also Silver. (click links to find out about these tinctures) I started giving Rainbow the tinctures saturday night and then all day sunday.  Last night was the first night she has not coughed in over a week!!  I also did not have to suction her nose before bed like i have needed to do for 2 weeks now!  And she was clear all night as well.  She slept well and was easy to put to bed!  I was amazed!!  *I* finally got some sleep as well!

This morning she has started to cough a bit but she sounds so much better!!  It's amazing!!

And so, this is me *highly* recommending these tinctures!  She has many to choose from for anything you can think of.  She also can do custom blends for you!  She has tinctures to improve fertility in woman (and soon men) and even an amazing tincture (or so i have heard) for nausea (or morning sickness).  So go to her site and get some relief for your family!  You won't regret it!

(i also have placed a button to her site on the side of my blog, for easy access)

Have you had any experiences with "natural healing" that you would like to share?


C'Maya said...

I had an ear infection in high school, after 3 months of unsuccessful antibiotics and my ear drum rupturing twice I went to a naturepath (Sp?) as a last ditch effort before they had to put tubes in. He gave me a short massage to help release some of the tension in my body, then he reached into the back of my throat to relieve the pressure in my ears by pressing on the Eustachian Tubes located on the very back wall of the throat. then he put some Irish Moss concoction up my nose and I coughed all the infection out. I was better within a week. sometimes when my ears give me grief and I drain them I can still taste Irish Moss even though that was 5 years ago...and it is NASTY stuff, but it works.

(also, something that helps wich coughs is Vicks rub on the soles of your feet and covered in socks. There is a lot of healing capabilities in the feet alone and many things can be helped with reflexology.)

Jillyn said...

@ C'Maya: That is awesome :) I wanted to see a Naturalpath for our family "doctor" but insurance won't cover her at all, which i think it stupid since i think it would save MORE money than going to a doctor. But whatever i guess.

And Tea tree oil works the same as vicks does and i did try it on her feet as well as her chest. She just had a BIG super bug. But she's finally getting better! When i put the silver up her nose within an hour i can suction out TONS of crud! It's amazing!

Ashley Gonzalez said...

I use TTO and the vaporizers all the time! Also, DD who's 26 months has awful night terrors, and nothing was helping. I mean she slept with me, I tried a TV, leaving the light on, turning it off, music, nothing. So I talked to the woman at our health food store and she recommended 'No More Monsters' which is passion flower, calcium, potasium, club moss, and jimson weed and it has worked GREAT! I would recommend it to anyone who kids are restless at night, have trouble falling asleep, nightmares, night terrors, scared of the dark, etc.